By booking with Creative Faces, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions. Please make sure you have read and understand them in full before proceeding with your booking.

Payments. 100% of the booking fee is required to be paid upfront to secure your booking. An event date will be saved for only 7 days without payment of the booking payment fee.  Payments can be processed via bank transfer. Alternatively if required via credit card, we can make this option available to you, however, you will incur a 3.9% credit card transaction surcharge with the payment. A payment receipt will be issued to you once the full payment has been received.

If the Customer refuses to pay Creative Faces for services rendered and Creative Faces are forced to engage a debt collector, then the Customer will be liable to pay for the debt collection fees in addition to any outstanding payment, plus 5% interest (per week) owed for services rendered. 

Payment Policy. Full payment is required 24 hours before the start of the event.  Strictly no cash in hand.

Public Holidays. Public holidays/long weekends will incur a fee of $35 + GST per entertainer.

Time Estimates. Creative Faces team members do their best to offer and create designs that will allow to serve the maximum number of kids at your event.  Please be aware that if a lot of guests show up late, or if you find that you have more guests than expected, this can throw us off and we may not be able to face paint or make something for everyone in the allotted time.

Often, at a child’s party, older teens or adults want to get in on the fun.  We would love to entertain everyone that would enjoy it, if time allows.  Please take this into account when deciding how long you would like Creative Faces to stay, and kindly advise your guests and the Creative Faces team member who the activities are intended for, so that there is no confusion.  

Please book the number of hours according to the number of guests you would like to participate:

Face Painting / Glitter Tattoos – each artist can paint 10-12 people per hour, depending on the level of work;

Airbrush Tattoos – each artist can airbrush 10-20 people per hour, depending on the level of work;

Balloon Twisting – each artist can twist 10-20 balloons per hour depending on the the level of work.

Additional Time. At the time of the Event, if you would like Creative Faces to stay longer than agreed to, please let the Creative Faces team member know before it is time for his or her scheduled departure and be prepared to pay for the overtime that you agree upon. Please note that overtime may or may not be accepted, and will depend upon Creative Faces team member’s schedule and availability. You will then receive an invoice for the additional time.

Confirmation.  Creative Faces will lock in your booking confirmation once you respond to our email and ask us to proceed in writing. We will follow up with standard questions to add to your booking, please ensure you respond to us in a timely manner, as we cannot lock in a Creative Faces team member until we have this final information. 

Please update us with any changes, possible additional time needed, and any driving directions that might be useful in case of construction in your area.  

Creative Faces will confirm your booking, as well as send through the Team Members contact number and name before close of business, 1-2 days before your scheduled event.

Please feel free to contact us for any reason concerning your event.

Cancellation. If you must cancel your event, please contact us right away and confirm the cancellation. 

Please understand that we have held the date of your event and most likely passed on other events in order to entertain for you.  The Booking Fee is non-refundable, though it may be transferrable if you re-schedule your event to a date that will work with Provider’s schedule.  Please be cautious when booking entertainers for outdoor events.  Having an alternate indoor plan for rain is highly recommended.

Cancellation Policy. 

A $75 + GST administration fee will be charged if you postpone your booking within 7 days of the booking date. 

50% of the total fee will be charged when cancellations are made within 7 days of the booking date. 

100% of the total fee will be charged when cancellations are made with less than 24 hours notice.

Covid Policy. Any cancellations/postponements due to Covid will be treated under our standard cancellation policy.

Set Up. Creatives Faces team member brings all of the materials to make the magic happen.  We kindly ask you to please provide us with a small table and 2 adult chairs (per artist) for use during your event.  If you do not have a small table and 2 chairs available, please let us know in advance so we can make arrangements for one.  A level space is needed for us to set up, preferably against a wall with good lighting.  It takes approximately 5 minutes for the Team Member to set up. Set up and pack down time is not charged as part of the Services.

Shade or indoor area required for entertainers and to protect products like face paint and balloons which become damaged in the sun very quickly.

Materials. Creative Faces holds no responsibility for sensitivity to any products used. We use well known reputable brands like TAG, Global, Wolfe, Mehron and Cameleon for face painting. They are FDA approved, professional cosmetic grade, water-based hypoallergenic paints.. We highly recommend that people with skin allergies of very sensitive skin should either not participate, or have a patch test at the beginning of the event. The decision to take part is at the individuals and/or responsible adults discretion.

Hygiene. We have high standards regarding hygiene and Health & Safety practice – please refer to our Covid Safe sheet which was emailed to you in response to your enquiry.

Ending the Line. Creative Faces will endeavour to do our best to manage the line. However, in the event this gets out of hand, we cannot always be held responsible to manage the line, as this sometimes interferes with completing the service. 

For large scale events, we recommend the line to be monitored by a designated person at your event.  Creative Faces will do their best to paint those waiting and not have to leave anyone in line without a design when the Event ends.  Anticipate that 3-6 minutes is needed for each guest to be painted depending on the complexity of the design. Creative Faces will close the line when the number of guests waiting exceeds the amount of scheduled time left. Should it get very busy, Creative Faces will simplify designs as needed to attempt to paint as many guests as possible, but will have to stop when time is up, so that we are not late for our next commitment. 

Please assist us in managing the line and explain to your guests when it is time Creative Faces to leave.

We are unable to take responsibility for the welfare or safety of any person waiting in line or saving places for anyone. Please ensure children are supervised at all times.

Parking. Parking fees may apply depending on your location and parking availability. Please  notify Creative Faces if no free parking is available so that we can organise this prior to the booking. For corporate events, please ensure parking is available with suitable access for our entertainers.

Travel Charge. Travel charges may apply depending on your location and team availability to booking location. 

Insurance. Creative Faces will provide confirmation of Team Members public liability insurance upon request.

Other Documentation. Creative Faces will provide confirmation of its entertainer’s Working With Children Check (WWCC) or Blue Card upon request.  

Photography. Throughout the event, our entertainers will often take images that will be stored on our database to be used on our web page and for promotional content. No names are ever revealed. If you do not wish for photos to be taken, please inform us beforehand.

Team Members. Most of our team are female, however, we do have a handful of male entertainers who mostly focus on giant bubbles and balloons.

Other Information. Please be aware that all correspondence and package information will be via email. Creative Faces will reply to your enquiries, booking requests and confirmations by email. Please be sure to check your inbox and junk/spam mail to avoid disappointment and missing out on your preferred booking date.