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Giant Bubbles

Want to add a touch of magic to your kids next birthday party or your next corporate event? Hire a professional giant bubbles performer! Believe us when we say – both adults and kids will be mesmerised by our bubble skills!

Giant bubbles are a perfect addition to any kids party, event or festival, both great and small. Kids love bubbles, and what better way to entertain your little ones than with a magical giant bubble show! Both you and your kids will be absolutely mesmerised by the magic of the bubbles and we can guarantee that you will be entertained for hours.

Our giant bubble performers are highly skilled entertainers who are absolutely wonderful with kids. Not only that, each of our Creative Faces team members have all their necessary certificates.

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Creative Faces specialises in knowing what makes kids smile  and we love activities that help create a magical atmosphere. Giant bubbles is one of those special magical activities that guarantee smiles, giggles, fun and BUBBLES all round!

Seeing your little ones smiling and running around at parties and events really inspires us to keep doing what we are doing. Our bubbles are one of our most magical activities and we love sharing our bubble tricks with you all.

giant bubbles
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Giant Bubbles is so fun and exciting because it allows kids to run around and physically interact with the giant bubbles. Kids are blown away and totally mesmerised by bubbles that are the same size or even larger than them!  We love watching their smiling faces, chasing bubbles and hearing them scream when they pop! Parents love to take photos of their kids interacting with the bubbles. It’s truly a magical experience for both the kids and the parents and as a result, giant bubbles has become one of our most popular activities.

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Why Book Us?

Working With Children Check

Public Liability Insurance Certificate

Skilled Giant Bubble Performers

High quality equipment

Over 10 years of experience

Bookings are inclusive of all travel expenses, set up and materials


Looking to spruce up your next kids party, corporate event, family day or festival? Giant bubbles is the way to go for all your outdoor party and event activities.

Bring a whole lot of magic and joy into your guests with this exciting interactive experience. The experience is not only for the little ones, but also for the adults, which makes this activity perfect for all sorts of events and corporate activations.

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a giant bubble


Our Enchanting Bubble Package is one of our newest editions. Due to the increased demand and popularity of the activity, we have decided to introduce a package just for GIANT BUBBLES!


  •  1 Professional Giant Bubble Performer
  •  Giant Bubbles
  • High quality bubble mixture & equipment
  • WWCC/Blue Card
  • Public Liability Insurance



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