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Fantasies become real life.

No matter how old you get, you are never too old to enter your favourite world of fantasy, for at least one day.
If there’s a video game you love to play, or at least you loved when you were younger, there must be a character whose role you always wanted to assume in real life.

And now it is possible to do so, thanks to the growing number of cosplay events. The time has come to make your wishes come true – Creative Faces has a team of professional makeup artists who can help you come up with creative video game cosplay ideas and do your makeup to match the outfit.

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If you are looking forward to attending a cosplay event but you are unsure which role you want to play, we can help you come up with great game cosplay ideas. In addition to being exceptional makeup artists, we are also number one kids’ party entertainers in Sydney and Melbourne who attend costumed and themed parties dressed as kids’ favourite characters.

This means that we know exactly how much work it takes to assume the role of a certain character and how well the makeup has to be done. Over the years, we did a variety of video game cosplay masks and are surely going to make yours authentic.

On the other hand, if you already have a game cosplay idea in mind, Creative Faces makeup artists are at your service to realise it. We have a ton of experience achieving a variety of cosplay looks and guarantee to help you do your costume, as well.    

Video Game Cosplay Ideas
Video Game Cosplay Ideas

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Creative Faces hires only the most talented cosplay makeup artists in Sydney and Melbourne.

All of our professionals have the skills and proper certification so you can rest assured that you are in the best possible hands.

Our team is also licensed to work with kids and use only FDA-approved paints that won’t do any harm to the skin and will wash off easily.

Public Liability Insurance Certificate

Police Checked

High-quality Cosmetics & Makeup

Over 5 - 10 Years of Experience

Award-Winning Face + Body Painting Artists

Expert Special Effects Team

Certified Cosplay Makeup Artists

Professional Face Painters


Don’t miss out on the opportunity to assume the role of your favourite video game character because you feel too old for something like that. You are never too old to play out your fantasy. If you already have a costume in mind and know exactly which demons you wish to slay in real life – Creative Faces is at your disposal to listen to your idea and requirements. We have years of experience and are bound to surprise you and not just meet, but exceed your expectations.

If you are still searching for the best mask around, you can always turn to us and ask if we have any video game cosplay ideas – because be sure that we do! We know which masks are the most popular ones and which are bound to amaze the crowds!

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