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Like something out of Hollywood.

Already know how to do your own makeup? Great! You are covered for when you want to look extra good for work or a weekend brunch with your dearest ones.

But what do you do when you need something a bit more special? Something that could not be characterised as an ‘everyday look’? If you have a photo shoot scheduled or a costumed event of any kind, Creative Faces are at your disposal to do your special effects makeup!

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We hire the most talented and skilled makeup artists in the area who have the creativity and expertise it takes to do something a bit more advanced. Our clients usually contact us when they need to be camera-ready and need their makeup to pop. Furthermore, special effects makeup is popular among those who are about to dress as one of their favourite movie, anime, or a video game character.

In most cases, a costume may not suffice and a stunning and thoughtfully done makeup is required in order for the mask to be believable and for the character to come to life.

When you are looking for someone to do your special events makeup in Sydney or Melbourne, book Creative Faces via our practical online form.

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Why Book Us?

Creative Faces is your go-to place when you need special effects makeup in Melbourne and Sydney.

We use only the highest quality makeup and kit to help you achieve any effect you have in mind. What sets us apart is our vast experience.

As one of the most highly sought after providers of special effects makeup in Sydney and Melbourne, we had the opportunity to work with a diverse range of clients. We look at each makeup session as an opportunity to learn something new and advance our skills. As a result, we can now say with great confidence that we will help you create any look you are going for!

Public Liability Insurance Certificate

Police Checked

Accredited Makeup Artists

Over 5 - 10 Years of Experience

Award-Winning Face + Body Painting Artists

Expert Special Effects Team

Professional Face Painters


Contact Creative Faces and tell us all about the upcoming event. Such as why you need special effects makeup and whether you are matching it with a specific outfit – any detail might be crucial. Over the years, our special effects makeup artists had the chance to create looks for editorial photo shootings, costumed and themed parties, video games conventions, and similar occasions. You can place your trust in us: we will listen to your request carefully, tell you how we plan to achieve the look you are going for, and in no time – amaze you with the final result.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to participate in a special event just because you are not able to achieve the required look on your own. Book Creative Faces quickly via our online booking form and receive a quote in no more than 24h. Work with our special effects makeup artists and create unique looks!

special effects makeup sydney
special effects makeup sydney