What face paint is on my kid?!

January 30, 2018

As a parent, you might be concerned about what type of face painting is used by Creative Faces artists during parties and other events. We understand that paint can seem like a harsh medium to use on soft and delicate kids skins, so we wanted to provide you with the details to what paint is used so you can feel much better about allowing your kids to have face painting done at parties.


Creative Faces used only water-based, hypo-allergic FDA approved brands of paint and glitter that have been checked thoroughly. Our face painting artists are very familiar with these brands and use only the best quality in order to make sure no paint, glitter or other material will hurt or irritate your little ones skin.


Please be careful with other face painting businesses that offer you very cheap quotes. They will most likely be using the cheap, nasty face paints that are not FDA approved and will definitely be harsh on your kids delicate skin. The harsh paints can cause skin iterations and allergies, something that is not ideal after a fun day at a party or celebratory event!


Make sure you book in with Creative Faces for your next event. We can 100% guarantee that our artists use the highest quality face paints available, while also producing the highest level of face painting artistry in Australia. You can feel relaxed knowing what paint is going on your kids faces during a party and how easy it is to remove! (Please make sure you read our previous blog post regarding face paint and the removal process).




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