Cleaning face paint off your kids!

January 16, 2018

Our artists at Creative Faces always get asked how to clean the face paint off their kids arms and faces. Many parents are concerned about the paint and the difficulty of removal from the skin and clothing. Today we decided to write a blog post for parents to help them with the entire cleaning process. It's easier than you think!



Our artists work with face paints quite frequently (obviously!) and constantly have it on their hands and somethings on their clothing and even their faces and hair (ops!). You will be surprised to know that the high quality face paints used by our artists are incredibly easy to remove, even after a day of wear.


So how do you do it?!


To remove paint on the face on hand, you can use one of the following:


1. Makeup or Baby wipes

Simply use 1 or 2 makeup/baby wipes to wipe away the paint. (You can rinse off with water after wiping for a more thorough clean.) The wipes method works really well, and this is the method artists use to wipe away any mistakes they make whilst face painting, or to clean their hands whilst painting. The paint just comes right off!


2. Warm water, soap and a face/hand towel

Use a damp face/hand towel to wash and wipe away the paint. This method works really well too.


3. Warm water and soap

This is a great method for hand/arm face painting designs. Simply wash hands and arms in the skin with warm water and soap. As the face paints are water based, the paint will come off right away!


There are some colours that stick to the skin more often than others as a result of the strong pigmentations. Red, dark green and dark blue are 3 of the colours that tend to have a deeper pigmentation and therefore can sometimes stain the skin ever so slightly (depending on skin tones). Do not worry about this stain! It will come out with a few washes. Our artists never have stained fingers so this is evidence that the paints come out very easily!


The FDA approved high quality paints that our artists use are the best in the industry and will not damage the skin. They are designed to work on a variety of skin times and do not cause any discomfort or allergies to the skin. 


Please let us know if you have any further questions regarding the paints we use or the cleaning process!



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