The most popular face painting designs in Sydney

September 19, 2017

Face painting is a lot of fun. Kids love it and so do adults... but what are the most popular designs out there? Well, there are several designs that kids and adults tend to go for when they decide to get a face painting! Adults love halloween designs with a skull candy (day of the dead) or just a simple skull design! Cartoon pop zombies have also become quite popular recently. They add a nice character and fun element to the Halloween design. Kids on the other hand prefer more fantasy/super hero related designs. While little girls tend to go for sparkly butterflies and princess faces, the occasional sparkly pink tiger or rainbow cheetah is always loved. Little boys go for the more 'masculine' design where superhero with spiders and snakes are always a hit! Sometimes you have girls asking for Spider man and boys asking for butterflies, and we think this is wonderful!! It's so nice to see the kids experimenting with their imagination and diving into a creative world of transformation with paint.

This is why face painting is always such a hit with both kids and adults. The idea of transforming into an imaginative and creative character for a day or night is truly magical, especially for little kids. So why not book in with one of our face painters? Their incredible skills and talent will leave you feeling wonderful, while creating many memories with the kids and people around you! 


Book now by clicking on the "contact" tab above and leaving us your party details. We will get back to you within the hour with a quote :)



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