Top 5 Face Painting Designs as rated by Kids

June 27, 2017

Every time we paint kids faces, there are a few requests that seem to pop up time and time again. Consequently, we have decided to put together a list of the top 5 face painting designs requested by kids themselves from the last 3 years! 


5. The request to have a 'rainbow' something is a very common occurrence during face painting jobs! Boys and especially girls always ask for rainbow designs, and they always get excited when they see the rainbow split cakes. 


4. Flowers or a flower vine is a common one with girls who don't want their faces painted, adults or smaller children. It's a super easy design that looks very pretty and is loved by all. 


3. Spider man is a very popular design with the boys, probably the most popular out of all the superheros! The design is a simple red/black/white colour scheme with several variations of web and spider designs. It can be easily adaptable into larger or smaller designs on the face or the arm. The boys love this one! Boys also love to get spiders on their arm... this is a very common design if the kid wants a spiderman design but doesn't want a face paint on their face. It's a quick and easy design and the boys (sometimes girls too) love!


2. The butterfly face paint is the most common with the girls, however there are the few boys who love a funky butterfly face paint design! It's always such a nice surprise when that happens. The lovely butterfly design is so adaptable with colour, shape and design, it's one of those designs that can be repeated over and over again with many variations without getting old! Add some magical sparkles and the girls feel like the prettiest and sparkliest little lady. 


1. The tiger face is the most popular face painting design for both girls and boys. This design is not only adaptable into a girl/boy colour theme, but is a fun and playful design that always puts a big smile (and sometimes a big roar) on the kids face. This face painting design definitely takes the cake on being the best and most exciting for kids!


We have decided we would love to create tutorials for each 5 top rated face painting designs. We will be working on this in the next few months so stay tuned for them! This is an exciting opportunity to learn some new designs!


Have a lovely day!!




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